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Calculate how your savings can grow: The Deposit Interest Calculator computes initial deposit, interest rate, maturity or final amount – with or without consideration of compound interest.

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Output information

The Final Amount is:

6,579.66 USD

Output information – growth in detail
Year Deposit at
beginning of
the year
Interest Total Interest Final Amount
incl. Interest
at end of year
1 5,000.00 200.00 200.00 5,200.00
2 5,200.00 208.00 408.00 5,408.00
3 5,408.00 216.32 624.32 5,624.32
4 5,624.32 224.97 849.29 5,849.29
5 5,849.29 233.97 1,083.26 6,083.26
6 6,083.26 243.33 1,326.60 6,326.60
7 6,326.60 253.06 1,579.66 6,579.66
Total     1,579.66 6,579.66

The Deposit Interest Calculator allows you to compute the initial deposit, the interest rate, the maturity or the final amount including interest on the basis of your input information.

The detailed table shows at a yearly basis the deposit at beginning of the year, interest, total interest and final amount including interest at end of the year.

The Deposit Interest Calculator allows calculation with or without compound interest. In case of compound interest the interest is added to the capital, otherwise interest is payed off and your deposit at the beginning of each year is always the same.

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